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Price: $ 1.98 CAD

Birthstone - July Ruby

Item No: S1506
Dimensions: 2" h

Were you or someone you know born in July? Ruby is the July birthstone, the name even comes from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red”. They get their color from trace amounts of the element chromium--the more chromium, the richer and brighter the red. Some people believe that rubies are the symbols for love and passion. Celebrate your birth month by adding our Birthstone - July patch to your collection!


The patches arrived today and they are STUNNING!!!!! OMG, they look GORGEOUS!!!!! There were a few extra too :) Thanks ever so much, I'm thrilled how all this turned out. I appreciate all your hard work to create something memorable for a very unique experience. This is absolutely precious, what a moment to sit back and really see creativity come to life.

--Francesca D.
Burlington, ON

The district loved the Crest! (I knew they would as you did such a fabulous job integrating the reef knot!)

--Christie D.
Sherwood Park, AB

Hi Lori. [The] patches [arrived] here today. I really like the red edges. Now the patch pops. Thank you!

--Janet K.
Erie, PA USA

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