A blue patch with a yellow sun, clean river and green river banks with trees. The text is white, saying River Clean Up.

Price: $2.20 CAD

River Clean Up

Item No: S1437
Dimensions: 2.25" w x 1.75" h
Patch since: Oct 01/09

We only get one Earth - even if space travel is possible - so let's keep it clean together. Cleaning up your local river helps relieve our drinking water and the homes of thousands of living beings. From crayfish to micro bacteria, rivers provide a home to significant organisms in many different ecosystems, so keeping them clean is crucial.

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I have to say you have a wonderful website! All of us unit guiders in Forest Hills District, Dartmouth NS order from you all the time... and we just LOVE your products! :-)

--Karen Buote
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The patches arrived this morning and they are perfect - exactly what we were looking for! Thank you for all your help Lori.

--AJ Appleton, Calgary Doula Association
Calgary, AB

Thanks for this!! I went to check it's progress and Canada Post knocked at the door with my order!! They are PERFECT!! We will definitely use you again for our district crest in the fall!!
Thanks again!

--Allison Graham
Vancouver, BC

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