Iron-On A yellow circle forms a smiley face with happy eyes, a big smile, red rosy cheeks, and a Santa hat.

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Emoji Santa

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Item No: ES2311
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: Nov 01/17

Love Emojis and Christmas? This is the perfect crest for you! It combines a fun smiley face with a festive Santa Hat! Maybe you can't send out a text message, or social media post, without using your favourite emoji and want to collect them all!

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These are just the perfect little something to add to a craft night or parade to help make it memorable. Keep up the good work E-Crests!

--Karen Gravelle


I received the package late last week and I loooove them! Seriously, I squealed when I opened the bag!! They are so cute and really well done. Thanks again! You guys have been awesome to work with.

-- Alison Pearce


What amazing service! We got our fire trucks in time and the Sparks were ecstatic! Thank you so much!


Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your crests and am also very proud to present them to the other girls/leaders. You and your company are doing a fine job and keep up the good work. I will be using your crests for the upcoming year through my Sparks Program.

--Donna Thomas
Drumheller, AB

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