Iron-On The lesbian pride flag displays horizontal stripes of various tones of red, orange, white, and pink.

Price: $3.10 CAD

Lesbian Pride Flag

Item No: E1155
Dimensions: 2.5" w x 1.5" h
Patch since: Mar 15/22

The lesbian pride flag is made up of seven horizontal stripes of various tones of red, orange, white, and pink. This flag originated from a similar flag that had a lipstick mark in the top left corner and was used to represent lipstick or femme lesbians. As such, some people believe this version of the lesbian flag is butch-phobic, while others embrace the flag as is.

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Thanks a bunch Lori. I received the shipment yesterday and I am impressed with the promptness of delivery and your crests are very cute.

--Debi McFetridge
Langley, BC

I will continue to choose patches from your stock items for our monthly cooking challenges. Your patches are definitely our favorites!

--Sharon S.
Newton, NC

I received the crests Thursday afternoon! The event was a huge success, even though it was very windy and quite cold. Thank you for all your help getting this done with such short notice.

--Jennifer O
Fernie, BC

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