A happy fairy-winged tooth wears a crown and holds both a star wand and a basket full of teeth.

Price: $1.75 CAD

Tooth Fairy

Item No: E1151
Dimensions: 2.4" w x 1.6" h
Patch since: Mar 15/22

As your body grows as you get older, your baby teeth give way to adult teeth, and the Tooth Fairy is summoned. This happy, fairy-winged tooth can't wait to gather your tiny treasures and leave a reward in return. Help the Tooth Fairy find your baby tooth by hiding it under a pillow. Who knows? This little fairy may leave a patch as a surprise.

This embroidered patch is made with gold metallic thread, so the crown, wand, basket, and wings have a little extra sparkle.

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The patches arrived this morning and they are perfect - exactly what we were looking for! Thank you for all your help Lori.

--AJ Appleton, Calgary Doula Association
Calgary, AB

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Winter Camp crest (E346) on time as per the Canada Post shipping itinerary and they look way better than the picture you have on your website. I was quite impressed by the quality of the crests and I especially liked the snow highlights on the word “WINTER”.


Thanks for this!! I went to check it's progress and Canada Post knocked at the door with my order!! They are PERFECT!! We will definitely use you again for our district crest in the fall!!
Thanks again!

--Allison Graham
Vancouver, BC

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