A hemp leaf is inscribed with the words: Food, Textiles, Medicine, Inspiration, Housing, Fuel, Oil.

Price: $ 2.50 CAD

Helpful Hemp (Iron On)

Item No: E912
Dimensions: 3.2" w x 2.8" h

Did you know, hemp has a ton of uses and is friendly to the environment? It can be used to create an extensive array of products like clothing textiles, paper, building materials for housing, fuel, and even animal feed. The plants are used to help purify water and soil, create biodegradable plastic alternatives, and have many medicinal uses, as well. Learn even more about the many different ways Helpful Hemp can be used, and add our patch to your growing collection!


can't wait to buy this

Thank you so much for your help with this! You and your team have done an amazing job to make my vision happen :D

--Femke B
Calgary, AB

We got the patches yesterday. They are terrific! Thank you to everyone at E-Patches for such a wonderful, professional experience! These look great!"


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