Iron-On A log bridge and dangling hand-hold rings spans the distance between two trees on this circular Treetop Trekking patch.

Price: $1.85 CAD

Treetop Trekking

Item No: E1145
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: Mar 01/22

Adventure awaits amongst a canopy of green foliage! Test your footing and dexterity skills as you traverse treacherous aerial courses, gravity-defying rope walkways, and creaking log bridges. Then gather your courage and take a leap of faith on the zipline to complete the course.

Treetop trekking adventure parks are great fun for the whole family. What better way to reward your sky-high courage than to buy a Treetop Trekking badge?

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Hi Lori, I was thrilled to get home from work yesterday to find our new unit crests....they are awesome.....our girls thought they were neat as well when I took them to Sparks last night. Thank you very much for designing such a great crest for us.

--Lisa Furler-Smith
Hamilton, ON

Thanks a bunch Lori. I received the shipment yesterday and I am impressed with the promptness of delivery and your crests are very cute.

--Debi McFetridge
Langley, BC


Thanks for shipping so quickly! I handed these out to any of my Brownies who came out in the rain to pick up cookies. They loved them!


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