Clean Up (Iron On)

This square patch contains the words 'Clean Up' over top of a collage of cleaning supplies such as a broom, mop, gloves, a spray bottle, a bucket, and a bunch of cloths.

Have you ever thought, ‘’I can’t make a difference, I’m just one person’’? Well, you are not alone, however even just a single person can make a big change. Take a bit of time to clean up an area around you, whether it is your home, your school yard, or your workplace. Even just stopping to pick up a piece of litter as you pass it will help to make your environment that much cleaner.

2.2" w x 1.8" h

Item No: E569

Price: $ 1.50 CAD



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The crests were delivered today and they look good.


I just wanted to say Thank You the crests arrived and they are beautiful.

--Janice Bechamp
Chambly, Quebec

They are fantastic and do amazing work! Wouldn't use anyone else. :)

--Femke Bonin

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