Fairytale Sleepover - Metallic (Iron On)

A purple fairytale castle sits in the background with it's three flags flying high while a crescent moon floats overhead. The words 'Fairytale Sleepover' dominate the patch with a crown resting over 'Fairytale', which is embroidered in pink, and a dragon tail forming from the descending line in 'p' in 'Sleepover', which is embroidered in green.

Get ready for a night of princesses and fairy godmothers, dragons and castles, because that's what a Fairytale Sleepover is all about. Give this metallic threaded crest to your fairytale prince or princess as an overnighter reward.

2.1" w x 1.9" h

Item No: E638

Price: $ 1.60 CAD



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Thank-you for the speedy service! The crests came on Tuesday, our Spark meeting night just in time to hand out the caroling crests to the girls that attended the event. I love to hand them out so the other girls can see what they missed and perhaps come to the next event. Merry Christmas!

--Brenda Knowles
1st Telegraph Trail Sparks, Langley, B.C.

I received the crests Thursday afternoon! The event was a huge success, even though it was very windy and quite cold. Thank you for all your help getting this done with such short notice.

--Jennifer O
Fernie, BC

Just a quick note to let you know that they turned out AMAZING. You were such a pleasure to work with.

--Kate H.
Richmond, BC

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