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Ready for Thinking Day?

Thinking Day is less than a month away! Are you prepared? If you're looking for craft and activity ideas, just check out our free Ideas & Plans page. We have a collection of all our countdown to Thinking Day posts in one handy spot. Also, keep checking back; throughout February we will be adding more ideas dedicated to this year's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion themes. And of course we have a new Thinking Day crest!

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2020 Is A Leap Year!

Did you know that this year is a leap year? It is! 2020 is special because it's only once every four years that our year has an extra day in it. This day occurs on February 29! Can you imagine having your birthday on that day and celebrating only once every four years? At least you won't age as fast, right? ;)

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Canada Province Territory Set Is Now Complete!

For everyone out there who has been eager to get their hands on a full Canada wide, 13 piece embroidered patch set, look no further! From British Columbia to Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island to Nunavut, we have all of Canada's provinces and territories beautifully composed of 2.5 inch crests. Find them on the Patch Sets page. Please note: The individual province pieces do not fit together to make the shape of Canada.

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