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Emoji Lovers Unite

Are you feeling a happiness that rises right to your cheeks, maybe you just can't wait to party, or perhaps someone has received your thumbs-up of approval. Emojis are perfect for conveying your emotions or for getting your message across, so if you know someone who loves to use emojis then share this patch with them or try to collect them all for yourself!

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It's Cookie Time!

Cookie season is upon us so there's no better time than now to celebrate cookie lovers! Our Cookie Circle set has six bite-sized pieces that fit together to form one giant cookie crest. Yum!

Both spring and fall cookie season are represented, plus the other pieces have been decorated for cookie sellers, lovers, and super stars. Enjoy your Cookie Circle set today!

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Do you have a favourite crest? Let others know! Just under the patch image is a review box where you can share your opinion of the crest.

If you find customer reviews helpful, please write one yourself to help a fellow patch collector out. We would really appreciate it.

Did You Know We Carry Lapel Pins?

We do! We carry a variety of lapel pins and we custom make them as well. From our experience, we find that pins make great gifts to volunteers or as a reward to youths for completion of challenges. Not to mention they look fabulous on camp hats!

Want to create your own pin? Whether you need a specific design for your camp, club, or for any other reason you can count on us to create a pin for it. Just go to our Custom Lapel Pins page and follow the simple three step process to learn how to make your own.

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