Happy Halloween!

Are you all stocked up for your Halloween event? Because we’ve got a lot of spooky ideas brewing!

Discover trick-or-treat must haves including our new patches Skeleton Owl, Monster Bash, and Halloween Party - Balloons, as well as traditional favourites such as glow in the dark patches Spooky, Skeleton, and Ghost Walk.

Browse our Halloween category to find the badge that’s just right for your event.

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Adapt A Patch

Have you ever spied a patch that was almost perfect, but you wanted to tweak it just a bit? Well now you can with our Adapt A Patch feature. You can select one of our in-stock individual crests or patch sets and replace the original wording with your own.

The best part is that we already have the design which saves us time so we pass on the savings to you. The next time you need a custom patch consider Adapting A Patch.

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Create Your Own Badge

Did you know that we have badges that you can customize yourself? If you have a coloured marker you can use our blank, twill-based emblem to create name tags, labels, or your own badge design.

Or if you prefer to cross stitch, we have 3'' crests with a plastic, 14 count cross-hatch base that are just perfect for creating your own custom crests or a simple kid friendly activity to do at camp.

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Discover The Joy of Collecting Sets

Embroidered patch sets are a number of collectable patches grouped together for your convenience.

Some, such as the Flames of Scouting set, make a larger image when all the pieces are put together; others, like the Hiking sets, are meant to mark achievements.

Set pieces can be purchased individually or as a whole for a discounted price.

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Can't Find It?

Do you have something that you would like to see on a badge? Add your crest design suggestions to our wish list.

Don't see an owl badge that matches your leader name? Make your suggestion here and we'll make sure it gets put onto our owl list. Please note that suggestions are for in-stock items only.

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