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Ready for Back to School?

Pencils? Check. Notebook? Check. Facemask? Um…That's not usually on the list.

Getting ready to go back to school is certainly looking different this year. From online learning to virtual parent teacher interviews to having to keep your distance, there is a lot of change. Fortunately, one thing that never changes is how much we love to put patches on everything from hats to backpacks to binders. Grab your back to school crests today.

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A New Guiding Season Is Here

This year is going to be unlike any Guiding year we've seen before. A lot of meetings will be outside this fall to help maintain social distancing. If you’re looking for crests to help with this year’s program, we have a whole bunch of outdoor themed crests such as Outdoor Skills, Nature Walk , and Outdoor Cooking to name a few.

You could also browse our categories: Community Service, Nature, Outdoor Activity, Skill Badge Collection, Sports & Fitness, and Tours & Visits.

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Wool Blankets Make Perfect Camp Ponchos

Hunting for a cozy blanket to start your patch collection on or even just to snuggle with? Our beautiful wool blanket is made of 80% soft wool and 20% man-made fibers, and it can fit a twin/full bed

Wool is a great fabric for blankets because it helps naturally regulate your body temperature, making it a fantastic protection for many different climates. Plus, it’s washable and flame-resistant, perfect for outdoors and around the campfire!

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Quick Attach a Patch

We are excited to announce a brand new product: Self-Adhesive Pin Backs!

Have you ever wanted to quickly pin a patch onto your shirt, hat or uniform? Well now you can! Just press the crest onto the sticky back to instantly make a patch pin! These are great for creating name tags, making quick groups, and for letting a child wear a reward badge right away. We've done months of testing and ours still fastens securely after 6 months. The pin backs can be found in our Other Products category!

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