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Discover the Amazing World of Challenge Kits

Do you like pirates? Want to pick up some outdoor skills? Each of our challenge kits is a themed, multi-page PDF booklet filled with information, games, crafts and recipes. Complete the challenges listed inside to earn the appropriate badge. Challenge yourself to learn more.

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Six Lapel Pin Options to Choose From

Did you know that the type of pin you see most often is a soft enamel pin? How about that pins can contain photographs? What about the fact that lapel pins don't actually need pins? That's right, you can choose other backing options such as magnets. To learn more about what we offer for lapel pins just press on the button below.

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Need a Woggle For Your Scarf?

Measuring 4'' wide and 1'' high, our woggles are fastened together with a single snap and ready to slide onto your necker or scarf. Each woggle can be ordered in either white, blue, or brown.

Make sure your neckerchief or scarf never flies away again with a woggle. You can find them in Other Products on the main menu or in our Blanks category. 

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